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Fall has been well underway for some time now, and winter is fast approaching. We are, however, already busy planning next years AASSC conference that will take place at Ryerson University in Toronto, May 28 – May 31, 2017. We encourage Nordic scholars and graduate- as well as undergraduate students from around the globe to submit a conference abstract (deadline January 15, 2017) and participate in the conference in Toronto were Dr. Ástráður Eysteinsson, Professor of Comparative Literature at The University of Iceland, will be our distinguished keynote-speaker. You can see the call for papers elsewhere on the website. Note also that the AASSC offer funding opportunities for student participation and unfunded presenters. If you plan on submitting an abstract and present in Toronto, remember to become a member of the AASSC first. This can easily be done here on the website using Paypal. We also encourage current AASSC members to remember to pay their membership dues, and we hope that you will spread the word about The AASSC to fellow colleagues and students within the field of Nordic Studies. Being a small organization, the membership dues are vital to our economy, and a growing membership – also among students – is a very good way to support and secure continuing interest in Scandinavian and Nordic Studies in Canada as well as in the rest of the world. I also encourage you to submit papers to our journal “Scandinavian-Canadian Studies”, which is one out of just a handful of journals in English about Scandinavian and Nordic Culture, Arts, and Literature.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I hope to see you in Toronto!


Yours sincerely,

Mads Bunch, President AASSC.

Mads Bunch. For AASSC Website

Welcome to AASSC, the Canadian interdisciplinary association for research on Scandinavian and Nordic culture spanning all aspects of social studies and the humanities: demography, sociology, art, literature, language, theatre and film, music, history, geography, folklore, religion, geography, Norse sagas, archaeology and more.

We welcome all new members, and we are focusing our energies on attracting graduate students and younger scholars from North America – as well as Europe and around the Globe – who have an interest in the Nordic Region.

I encourage you to explore our website and to join our Facebook page (AASSC) where you can get the recent news and where the call for papers for our annual AASSC conference will be posted. The conference normally takes place in late May/early June in conjunction with the annual Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Next year it will be in Calgary. Please remember that you have to be a member of AASSC in order to attend the conference – but that is an easy task when using our PayPal account here on the website.

If you have any news items for the website please submit them to the AASSC Webmaster: aasscnewsletter@gmail.com and/or become a member of the AASSC Facebook group where you can also post news and questions.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about AASSC membership or activities rjc134@hum.ku.dk


I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

Mads Bunch, President AASSC