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36th Annual Meeting – Congress 2017 – May 28-31 – Ryerson University – Toronto

Sunday, May 28, 2017

8:30a to 6:30p  Registration (Venue: Mattamy Athletic Centre)
2:30p to 5:30p


 AASSC Executive Meeting (executive board only) (Venue: TRSM 3- 112)
6:30p to 8:30p AASSC Opening Reception (Venue: TRSM 1-003 – CMA Lounge)

Monday, May 29, 2017 (Venue: TRSM 2-099)

8:45a to 9:00a Welcome and Introductory Remarks – Mads Bunch, President, AASSC
9:00a to 10:30a AASSC/CINS Keynote Lecture – Ástráður Eysteinsson (University of Iceland/University of Victoria), “Fiction and the Archaeology of the Present: Shoring up Iceland’s Fragments” (Chair: Natalie Van Deusen)

The current challenges to a uniform Icelandic national identity raises questions about the ways in which Icelandic identity has been represented in the domain of literature, the island’s dominant cultural and aesthetic form of expression, from the sagas and up until today. The combined forces of language and literature are often taken to enshrine the sovereignty and the long unbroken trajectory of this culture. Some of the early (late medieval) literature of Iceland was already constructing this identity, looking back to the time of the settlement and independence, fabricating its origins but also unveiling its troubled character. The emphasis in this paper will be on the ways in which a number of important works of modern Icelandic fiction rewrite history and bring it into the present, reacting to social disjunctions and foreign presences, in an age characterized by the fragmentary aesthetics of modernism. This is a terrain in which epics may be strangely reborn as the archaic meets the avant-garde.

10:30a to 11:00a Break
11:00a to 12:30p Session I – Vikings, Saints, and Clerics (Chair: Christine Ekholst)

Danielle Turner (California State University, Fullerton), “Brilliant Warfare or Pragmatic Decision? The Viking Sieges of Paris, 845 and 885”

Natalie Van Deusen (University of Alberta), “”The Company She Keeps: Virgin Martyr Saints in Icelandic Women’s Poetic Miscellanies”

Ryan Eric Johnson (University of Iceland), “The Clerical Orders of the Niðarós Ecclesiastical Province”

12:30p to 1:30p Lunch
1:30p to 3:00p Session IIExile and Exploration among the Fjords: Interdisciplinary Scholarship in Scandinavian-Canadian Studies (Chair: Ingrid Urberg)

Helga Thorson (University of Victoria), “Introductory Remarks”

Marit Ann Barkve (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “On ‘Migration, Exile, and Diaspora in the Nordic Region’”

Dustin Geeraert (University of Manitoba), “On ‘The Modern Reception of the Medieval Fóstbrœðra saga’”

3:00p to 3:30p Break
3:30p to 5:00p Session III – Reframing Genre: From Nordic Noir to Icelandic Film (Chair: Mads Bunch)

Ian Giles (University of Edinburgh), “Far Removed: Perceptions of Scandinavia in Cultural Translation”

Ellen Kythor (University College London), “Dark Denmark’s cultural exports: crime fiction to ‘hygge’ hype”

Kendra Wilson (University of Turku), “Incidental supernatural, genre and national branding in Icelandic film”

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 (Venue: TRSM 2-099)

9:00a to 10:30a Session IV – Radicalism, Anarchy, and Discourse in Scandinavian Art and Literature (Chair: Guðrún Guðsteinsdóttir)

Mads Bunch (University of Copenhagen), “Scandinavian Radicalism: A Current in Scandinavian Art since the 1870s”

John Lingard (Cape Breton University), “Beyond our Control: Bjørnson as Prophet of the 21st Century”

Christopher Crocker (University of Manitoba), “What We Talk About When We Talk About Vinland”

10:30a to 11:00a Break
11:00a to 12:30p Session VGender in Medieval Scandinavian Law and Literature (Chair: Erin McGuire)

Christine Ekholst (Independent Researcher), “Men, Women, and Bodies in Scandinavian Law and Legal Practice”

Amy Poole (University of Guelph), “Visions and Premonitions: Analyzing the Gendered Narrative of Foresight in Icelandic Saga Literature”

Jessie Yusek (Brock University), “Monstrous Women: Exploring Gender in Medieval Icelandic Literature and Society”

12:30p to 1:30p Working Lunch – Patricia Sandberg, author of Sundogs and Yellowcake (lunch provided by AASSC) (Chair: John Nilson)
1:30p to 3:00p AASSC AGM (all invited)
3:00p to 3:30p Break
3:30p to 5:00p Session VI – Contemporary Scandinavian History (Chair: Helga Thorson)

Matti Välimäki (University of Turku): “Contested Community in Northern Europe at the beginning of the Age of Refugees. Finnish political and public debate at the Turn of the 1990s”

Ville Laamanen (University of Turku): “Soviet Cultural Diplomacy with Scandinavians: VOKS as Guardians of Moscow’s Interests, 1939-1940”

Tiina Lintunen (University of Turku): Building a New Future – Reviving After the Civil War”

7:00p to 9:00p AASSC Banquet (ticketed event)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 (Venue: TRSM Commons)

10:00a to 11:30a Session VII – History, Identity, Media: Contemporary Film and TV in   Scandinavia (Chair: John Lingard)

Lisbeth Wærp (University of Tromsø), “Nature and landscape in Victor Sjöström’s silent movie Terje Vigen”

Liina-Ly Roos (University of Washington), “‘This is not your home’: The Finnish War Child in Sweden in Klaus Härö’s Mother of Mine”

Julianne Yang (University of Oslo), “Work, Violence, and Privilege in the Swedish Sci-Fi TV Drama Äkta männsikor (Real Humans) (2012)”

11:30a to 12:30p  Lunch
12:30p to 2:00p Session VIII – Diversity in Contemporary Scandinavia (Chair: Marit Ann Barkve)

Francisco Beltran (Munk School of Global Affairs), “Are open borders possible? Swedish migration policy and the European refugee crisis”

Vartika (Jawaharlal Nehru University), “Gender Diversity in the Boardroom: The Norwegian Experience”

Juliane Egerer (Independent Researcher), “Teasing People into Health? Sami Cartoons, Indigenous Humor, and Provocative Therapy”

 2:00p Closing Remarks – Mads Bunch, President, AASSC


AASSC Program for Congress 2017 as per March 2, 2017. For further information, please contact Dr. Natalie Van Deusen, AASSC Program Chair, at vandeuse@ualberta.ca, the AASSC home page at www.aassc.com, or the Congress 2017 website at http://congress2017.ca/