Dear AASSC Member,

The most recent issue of Scandinavian-Canadian Studies, volume 22, is now available. Volume 23 is anticipated during the summer of 2016.

With Scandinavian-Canadian Studies volume 20, we moved to a new publication system: print-on-demand. All paid-up members can write an e-mail to ask for a copy to be printed and sent to them. The address to use for this request isĀ scancan@uvic.ca; do not forget to include your own postal address when you write.

Please be assured that move to print-on-demand does not mark a turning away from paper publication. If you are an AASSC member and want a printed copy of the journal, you should not hesitate to ask for one.


The Scandinavian-Canadian Studies Journal

View the Journal online: www.scancan.net

Editor: Helga Thorson (University of Victoria) scancan@uvic.ca

Book Review Editor: Natalie van Deusen (University of Alberta)

Twenty-one volumes of Scandinavian-Canadian Studies have now been published since the foundation of the association in 1982. From volume 15 on, it is available in both digital and print formats. Access to the digital version is open, and the database is searchable, but we encourage you to become a member if its content is of interest to you.

Scandinavian-Canadian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal. The current Editor is Helga Thorson at the University of Victoria, scancan@uvic.ca. She is aided in her work by an editorial board consisting of a minimum of five members, all serving four-year terms. Although the hard-copy volumes are published only as they are complete, individual articles are published in digital form as they are received, reviewed, and edited. You may also wish to submit your own work for review in the Book Review section. Please contact Natalie van Deusen at the University of Alberta, vandeuse@ualberta.ca.