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Dr Hans Moller

It is with great sadness that AASSC has learnt that Dr. Hans Møller passed away on Labour Day, September 7, 2015. He was 96 years old.

Hans Møller was born and educated in Denmark. He was well known by most members of AASSC. After his retirement as Director of Libraries at McGill University, he served on the AASSC Executive for many years as the Editor of the AASSC News Bulletin (1989-95), as an Executive Member at Large (1995-97), and finally as a Member of the Nominating Committee (1998-99). In addition, whenever the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences took place in Montreal, Hans would serve as a Local Organizer for AASSC and arrange for excellent conference rooms, receptions, and banquets.  Hans was an enthusiastic promoter of Scandinavian languages and culture and an engaged and inspiring participant at our conferences. Former AASSC President Susan Gold comments in her “Member Profile – Hans Møller” that Hans always showed his “kind and constant support of the members and the work of the AASSC” (AASSC News Bulletin 49 (2005), p. 10).

Hans also presented very interesting scholarly lectures on Hans Christian Andersen and Kierkegaard at the AASSC conferences, and he gave a captivating talk (in a Holocaust Session with Marna Feldt) on his participation in the resistance movement in Denmark during WWII, especially with regard to securing safe passage to Sweden for the Danish Jews.

Our sincere condolences go to Hans’ widow Jane Yaple-Møller, who always accompanied him at our conferences, and to his stepson Derek Yaple-Schobert who on several occasions performed Scandinavian piano music at our AASSC conferences, such as his memorable interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen lyrics that Hans had discussed beforehand.

Hans will be missed – “ære være hans minde.”

MollerDr. Gurli Woods

Founding Chair and Former President of AASSC (Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada / Association pour l’Avancement des Études Scandinaves au Canada

Please also read the obituary “Hans Möller  (1918-2015)” in the Montreal Gazette, Sept 11 and 12, 2015: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/montrealgazette/obituary.aspx?n=hans-mller&pid=175804970



Niels Frank: Picture World (trans. by Roger Greenwald)

Picture World (2011) is the first complete book by the Danish poet Niels Frank to be published in English (BookThug, Toronto, Canada).

By turns funny and serious, ironic and sincere, droll and sly, conversational and playfully inventive, it draws the reader into a set of contemplations that grows more and more complex as its elements recur, reinforcing and undercutting one another, casting light but also doubt. As a poetic sequence in twenty-four parts, this is a work of high ambition. Its signal achievement is to use an accessible voice to present a deeply nuanced composition.

“Én Vej [Picture World] is extraordinary: not only a stylistically refined and intellectually challenging book of poems, but a work of great beauty.” – Peter Stein Larsen, Kristelig Dagblad

“Niels Frank’s symphonic Picture World is a vivid, worldly, spellbindingly sustained aria of anguished yet eager perception – up-to-the-minute, bleakly witty, multichromatic, moving in every sense of the word. Roger Greenwald’s brisk translation is an uncanny act of poetic forgery: the language feels and sounds strikingly original.”– Stephen Kessler

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HAV-FRUE. Hanne Marie Svendsens forfatterskab.

A new book by Marina Allemano, Adjunct Professor at University of Alberta, was published by Gyldendal in November, 2010, with the title HAV-FRUE.  Hanne Marie Svendsens forfatterskab (MER-MAID.  The Writings of Hanne Marie Svendsen). Allemanotouches on the biographical background to Svendsen’s literary production, but places the main emphasis on the Danish writer’s works from her earliest novel Mathildes drømmebog (Mathilde’s Dream Book) through to Guldkuglen (The Golden Ball),Under solen (Under the Sun), Nilaus under isen (Nilaus Under the Ice) and Rudimenter af R (Rudiments of R).  Allemano establishes literary influences and affinities and demonstrates how the various themes and motifs – the sea and the mirror, desire and repression, gender relationships and the journey as a vehicle for individual growth  – are played out and developed in novels, short stories, children’s books, radio plays, etc. Allemano has previously published a monograph on the Danish author Suzanne Brøgger (Gyldendal, 2004) and translated two novels from Danish to English, A Fighting Pig’s Too Tough to Eat and Other Prose Texts by Suzanne Brøgger (Norvik Press, 1997) and Under the Sun by Hanne Marie Svendsen (Norvik Press, 2006).

Samtidsbilleder – realismen i yngre dansk litteratur 1994-2008 (Images of Time – Realism in Danish Literature
1994-2008) by Mads Bunch

The book is written in Danish and came out in June 2009 at Dansklærerforeningens Forlag. It deals with around 150 works (novels and short story collections) from the past 15 years of Danish literature. This period is marked by a renewed interest among the young writers to describe and write about contemporary postmodern society. Major topics include individualism, changing family structure, gender roles and new ways of living. These trends are compared to similar currents of Realism in film and television. Regarding new literary forms and genres, the Genealogy Novel stands out as a popular way of creating meaning and providing a historical context in an individualized postmodern Society. The book was published in June 2009 by Dansklærerforeningens forlag, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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