Photo Credit: Eizoman

Princess Sugar with Razor Blade: Readings of Dorrit Willumsen’s Works

Marina bookPrinsesse Sukkergodt med barberblad. Læsninger i Dorrit Willumsens forfatterskab (Princess Sugar with Razor Blade. Readings in the Works of Dorrit Willumsen, Gyldendal 2015) is Marina Allemano’s third monograph written in Danish on contemporary Danish women writers, the others being on Suzanne Brøgger (2004) og Hanne Marie Svendsen (2010). Willumsen’s writing career spans fifty years, so far, and although the writer is best known for her novels – her historical novel Marie about Madame Tussaud being the most popular – she is also a dramatist, short story writer and poet. In her readings, Marina Allemano draws attention to the writer’s phenomenological approach to the female subject and the perceived connection between body, consciousness and identity. The title of the book refers to an epithet given the writer on her 40th birthday by a reviewer who wished to acknowledge the special kind of empathy that runs throughout Willumsen’s works, waves of warmheartedness accompanied by swift little cuts and slashes that threaten to disrupt the feelings of tranquility.