Photo Credit: Eizoman

University of Oslo International Summer School

The University of Oslo International Summer School is pleased to announce two new courses to be offered in our 2014 session: an undergraduate course in “Contemporary Scandinavian Film”, and an interdisciplinary Master’s level course on “A Changing Arctic.”

Contemporary Scandinavian Film discusses the cultural politics and aesthetics of contemporary Scandinavian film, combining such disciplines as film, literature and cultural studies, political science, sociology and media studies, comparing and contrasting film ideologies and aesthetics.
A Changing Arctic¬†will examine the Arctic natural environment, including its changes through geological and more recent times, and analyze how those changes affect the political, economic and legal dynamics of this region. Participants will learn about the new knowledge of the Arctic’s natural environment, the legal framework provided by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and how climatic changes may generate new opportunities, risks, and governance challenges for Arctic states,
communities and companies, as well as a wide range of non-Arctic stakeholders. This course is offered in collaboration with the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED), the Department of Political Science and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo.
Dates for the ISS this year are June 21 to August 1. The ISS also offers Norwegian language courses at all levels, and a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, (taught in English) focusing on various aspects of Norwegian culture and society, and where the Norwegian case may serve as a basis for discussion.
For more information, visit the ISS website at <www.uio.no/summerschool> or contact the North American Branch Office at <iss@stolaf.edu>